Zeel Plast Machinary Manufacture wide range of blow moulding machine. This unique machines can be used to manufacture 1000 ml Single Station Plastic Extrusion Blow Moulding Machine With Hydraulic Blowpin. This machine equipped with unique mould quality and simple operating system. The blow mouding machine available with continuous parison also.


Screw Diameter MM 55
L.D. Ratio L/D 22.1
Blowing Capacity ML 2000
Screw Speed RPM 75
Plasticizing Cap. Kg/Hr. 24/28
Heating Zone Nos. 6
Mould Opening Stroke MM 250
Min. Mould Thickness MM 210
Mould Length MM 360
Mould Width MM 250
Dry Cycles/Min. Nos. 12
Max. Cont. Dia MM 160
Extruder Drive HP 10
Hydraulic Motor HP 5
Heating Load HP 9.5
Blower HP OTP
Total Power of M/c. HP 24.5
Hot Wire Cutter - STD
Parison Program - OPT
Angular Blowing System - OPT
Bottom Blowing Systems - OPT
Hydraulic Blowing Systems - OPT
Oil Tank Capacity Ltrs. 200
M/c.Dimension (LxWxH) (Ft) 6.3 x 5 x 5.5
Control Panel Dimension (LxWxH) (Ft) 1.6 x 1.8 x 4.6
Air Pressure Kg/Sq/Cm 12 to 14